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When it comes to shaving, getting a close shave and feeling your way is key. That’s exactly what drove John Lyles, chief designer to develop the Skull Shaver and it’s effective patented design of electric shaver body/handle.  The round shaver heads allow the five rotary cutters to pivot with individual flex action, adjusting to every curve of the scalp, face or leg for a comfortable and smooth shave dry or wet.

The Skull Shaver fits in the palm of your hand or you can slip your hand under the main grip for a closer feel. Another design feature is that it captures all the shavings so there’s no mess flying around, making it easy for on the Go. Easy to use, easy to charge and easy to clean, this shaver is just easy. After a successful start, Shull Shaver had to grow with demand, now women can enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary shaver. The Butterfly Shaver has a more oval or egg shape to the handle and comes in two colors Pink or Teal.

Skull Shaver - Kore Magazine 2Skull Shaver - Kore Magazine 3

The Skull Shaver retails for around $100 online, both the Bald Eagle [Men’s] and The Butterfly [Women’s].

More at: www.SkullShaver.com

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