You can wash your face twice a day, apply all the right products, clean your brushes, protect yourself from sun damage, and still suffer from horrible imperfections. Is your make up bag clean?
The tools used to apply products to your face have a tremendous affect on the overall heath of your skin. I must admit, it took forever for me to realize the importance of actually cleaning my make up brushes, instead of throwing them out.

Have you ever showered and put on the same clothes? or used a clean wash cloth and not clean your shower? The thought is disgusting I know, and depending on what you were doing pre-shower will definitely shift the levels. Not seeing bacteria unfortunately does not eliminate its presence. Keeping your Make Up bag clean is just as important as cleaning your brushes and your face.

Eco Tools understands that caring for your face and the environment doesn’t end at the brush, their Earth Friendly Cosmetic bags are made from a cotton & hemp blend making them WASHABLE and less germ friendly! I toss my bag in the laundry with my other dedicates and Viola its Clean and I don’t feel bad about putting my cute, clean, brushes back into it.

6 Steps to Clean out your makeup bag

1. Find a clear surface & empty your makeup bag

Be sure to have a make up remover wipe available

2. Start sorting 3 Piles  frequently,  sometimes, and trash.

Throw everything that’s expired or that you haven’t used

3. Clean it up

Are your  containers smudged, wipe them down and let them dry.


4. Organize

Store frequently used items in your makeup bag


Do you need more eye shadow?


You’ve now freed up a bunch of space around your bathroom counter and in your drawers. Even if you didn’t throw much out, everything is better organized and actually clean.

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