Release your inner child with Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure, the latest nail art innovation allowing you to sketch, doodle and squiggle to your heart’s content.

Created by Ciaté Founder and Creative Director, Charlotte Knight, and the first of its kind inspired by nostalgic fun and youthful creativity that’s found in using chalk crayons and the unique dusty pastel texture they create. “This kit takes me back to being a little girl,” said Charlotte. “I absolutely love mixing up nail designs and textures, and I was giddy with excitement when creating this particular kit.”


This Polish kit contains: Four Mini liquid chalk pens, One Ciaté Chalkboard Paint Pot with a unique professional optimum 250 bristle flat brush to give an even, smooth finish to the nails; and One Matte Topcoat. ($25)

Step-By-Step Guide:
1. Begin with 2 coats of matte black Ciaté Chalkboard Paint Pot, and allow to dry.
2. Once dry, take a mini chalk pen and gently press onto the nail to release the liquid chalk.
3. Ready, set, play! Sketch, doodle and squiggle to your heart’s content (see doodle gallery below for some ideas)
4. If you make a mistake, simply rinse with water and start again!
5. Allow to dry and seal!

** This Chalkboard Polish is “3 FREE” no Dibutyl-Phlalate, Toulene, or Formaldehyde.

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