Old Man Winter soon will wave goodbye as sweet spring stops in for a visit. This is the season to start anew, and that includes freshening up your home after a long bout of cold weather.

Experts at The Maids (www.maids.com), the only franchised residential cleaning service to clean for health, offer the following tips to help you reach your spring cleaning goals. First, make a checklist of task for each room, beginning with the most important jobs. Incorporate ideas from the categories below to get started.

It’s a Wash
curtains1.Air out items like curtains, cushions, pillows, blankets and rugs.


vaccum2. With a hose, vaccum items that don’t always receive attention such as sofas and chairs, and the floors under beds and other heavy furniture.

duster3.Dust Tv’s Stero Equipment and other electronics.


4.Target other items that may not get regular care: window blinds, ceiling fans and picture frames, to name a few.

5. Wash walls and baseboard, light fixtures, and stairway banisters.

6.Wash windows with vineger and a microfiber cloth to remove grime and that filmy sustance that some commercial cleaners leave behind. Wash and repair window screens.

washer7.Clean the insides of your washer and dryer including the lint trap.



Get Organized
1. Remove everything from your closet, drawers, shelves and storage receptacles. Decided wheather you’ll keep each item, sell it or donate it. Clean storage areas thoroughly before returning saved items.

frig2.Empty Refrigerator and freezer, throwing out dated items and washing the interior with warm, soapy water.

garage3.De-clutter your basement and garage.




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Known for its 22-step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System, The Maids is the only franchised residential cleaning service to clean for health, combinging evironmentally preferable cleaning supplies and state-of-the-art equipment with methodical process to maintain the healthiest living environment possible for families. The Maids enjoy a 96% customer refferal rate, distinguishing them as the residential cleaning service of choice.

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