Need a Holiday? No time to travel? Escape from your ordinary beauty routine and relax with BABOR extraordinary collection of products. The SPA AROUND THE WORLD collection is a combination of the authentic treatment rituals from ancient cultures, paired with BABOR’s comprehensive research & expertise. An enchanting adventure for the senses, where delicate fragrances, exotic textures, and feel-good massages collide. Bringing body, mind and spirit into harmony.

BABOR’s SPA AROUND THE WORLD collection unlocks beauty secrets from three exotic escapes.


The beauty of Brazil fascinates people across the globe. Here an exuberant joie de vivre, upbeat music, impressive nature and the tropical climate combine to create a colourful dance for the senses. With Beleza do brasil, we have used active ingredients sourced from tropical medicinal plants to develop a care range that reflects the clarity, vitality and energy of the Amazonian region.


A fascinating continent with never-ending nature, a breathtaking range of flora and fauna, incomparable worlds of color and a range of the most diverse cultures, customs and traditions. The aboriginal people and some sections of the population in Africa continue to live in complete harmony with nature, and place special emphasis on its healing powers. With Khanya of Africa, BABOR has developed a complete range of body care products that accommodate both the authenticity of the continent and its ancient rituals and traditions


Inspired by the Asian beauty philosophy, BABOR has developed the complete wellness series ScenTao, based on natural, Asian active ingredients. Special treatments based on Far-Eastern massage techniques take you on a journey to Asia, to the largest and possibly most diverse continent in the world.

Learn more about these amazing products BABOR SPA AROUND THE WORLD, and place an order today for your next escape!

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