Well we’ve cleared the 2012 apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be better prepared. What is the one thing that always seems to die at the wrong time, maybe a cell phone or a small electronic device?  The people at Goal Zero have made the ultimate longer term, earth friendly solution to all those small battery power needs in twice the time. The Guide 10 Plus model has two Nomad 7 solar panels hooked up to USB and solar ports giving the user charging options. Built like a book for easy opening and closing, the Guide 10 plus was designed for the user on the Go. With durable loops built into every corner the Guide 10 can be hung or placed an multiple angles to catch endless amounts of sunshine.

The Guide 10 plus was designed for Rechargeable Batteries, Cell Phones, Tablets, Mp3 Players, Cameras and any other small electronic device needing a charge up to 12 volts. With a quick recharge from the Sun, the Guide 10 can store power and deliver when needed or directly hook up your device using the USB port. The Battery Pack can also be connected to a USB port for recharging on a rainy day, but the Solar Panels charge the Pack twice as fast. The unit is also quipped with a built in LED flash light that can last up to 150 hours with a full solar charge.

Shop at www.GoalZero.com or at any of these local retailers. REI, Sports Authority, Bass Pro Shop and others.

Goal Zero on Durability: “Our products are designed to be your hero. We’ve designed the panels and power packs to be rugged and weather resistant. Our products are sent around the world to be tested in a variety of temperatures, elevation and humidity levels. We really wanted to say that the solar panel is water-proof, since we’ve seen the panels work while they are under water. But since we can’t guarantee that outcome 100% off the time, we say they are weather-resistant. The panels do fine in the elements, from rainy season in Congo to snowstorms in Everest. The panels can be scratched up, run over, left in the rain, and they’ll still charge up your gear. The power packs are also water-resistant, but should not be submerged in water, in order to prevent rust in the junction box.”

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