Mouth-watering aromas, Enticing flavors, and Delectable dishes captivated thousands of Atlanta food lovers, who flocked to the streets this past weekend for the 12th annual Taste of Atlanta Food Experience. The Taste of Atlanta, the city’s Premier Food+Wine+Beer+Cocktail Festival showcased samples from 90 of Atlanta’s Top Restaurants, Inside the Food Studio with (four)  live cooking stages, and a VIP Food Wine Beer Cocktail experience. Held in the heart of Atlanta’s Tech Square (GA TECH) including 5th & Spring Street, this unique festival illustrates Atlanta’s cultural diversity with several international and influenced cuisine features.

Our Top Taste…

Bricktop’s (Grilled Artichoke Season and Served with Aioli with Basmati Rice)

The Atlanta Grill at The Ritz Carlton (Pork Belly with Rice Grits and Pickled Peach)

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