They’re back, the crew of the Starship Enterprise are on a mission to save mankind in this intergalactic sequel, Star Trek: Into Darkness. With Earth in a state of crisis after a trader from their own organization detonated the fleet, Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine and his crew return to earth to assist. Now with a target Capt. Kirk takes his crew on the hunt to battle (Khan?) John Harrison [Benedict Cumberbatch] on a epic space journey.

It’s great to see the full crew return for this sequel, Zoe Saldana [Nyota Uhura], Karl Urban [Bones], Zachary Quinto [Spock], Simon Pegg [Scotty], Anton Yelchin [Pavel Chekov] and John Cho [Hikaru Sulu]. There is a new character that joins the cast, Alice Eve who plays Dr. Carol Marcus. Now in the 1982 Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Dr. Carol Marcus is noted to have a son from a relationship with Captain Kirk? From these movie still it looks like that might be true?

The movie is directed and produced by J.J. Abrams [Star Trek, Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocal, CloverField]. The film is set to hit the silver screen on May 16th.

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