What does playing in London mean to you?

Heather O Riley – Just playing in London was a huge thing for all of us. We have gone to London before and it’s a cool feeling knowing the history. Winning a Gold Medal anywhere is huge, but winning in such a historic place to add to that history was just phenomenal.

We know that we had to take one game at a time and focus on the smaller goals of every match. Anything less than a Goal will be a disappointment. Those are the standards that have been set for the women’s national team, and we feel think it’s a privilege to play under those standards.

I’ve grown up on this team, I’ve changed and developed a lot as a person and I’ve seen all different roles of the team. Hopefully now I’m considered a leader on the team and players will look up to me during the tournament.

Our team is Athletic and we take pride in our fitness and our strength. We’ve continued to layer in sophistication in our game that wasn’t there six or eight years ago. Having Christine Hoggen (Sweden) as our coach has really implemented a European flare into our tack and it’s messed well with what we’ve always had as Americans.

What makes Hope Solo… Hope Solo?

Lauren CheneyHope Solo is the best in the world at what she does because of her discipline. She’s so focused. No matter what’s going on she’s going to get it done. Whether it’s dancing with the stars or a family tragedy, when she’s playing soccer she brings it day in and day out. It’s hard to find female athletes like that.

Why is it do important to continue education and be on the U.S. Team?

Obliviously Soccer isn’t going to be here forever.  I went to a wonderful school, a prestigious academic school, UCLA, I think it would be disrespectful to myself and others if I didn’t continue my education. I would be the first person in my family o to be a college grad so slowly but surely it will happen.

What’s changed for you since becoming the new star on the team?

Alex Morgan – Things haven’t changed too much, I’ve become more aware of the media, and being able to represent myself and teammates in a positive way. I had no idea how much what I say and do can influence some many younger girls. I was one of those girls looking up to ladies like Heather and Christine. I got thrown into this world just a year and a had ago and I had to grow up pretty fast.

Not only did I have to learn about things on the field, but also off the field and how you’re supposed to conduct yourself as a Professional Soccer player for the United States.

Did you feel the pressure as an upcoming star?

There’s definitely a little pressure, with the World Cup and Olympics, but I try to hold on to my goals. My goal is to contribute to the team and score goals. A little pressure comes with being a forward. I just tried to stay confidant, your’re not always going to score but you got to keep trying.

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