During Coors Light’s Search for the Coldest MC Battle, fans heard news that rapper 2 Chainz had to cancel his performance. Hundreds of fans stood there staring at a blank stage waiting for someone to save the night. It was no surprise that Atlanta’s own KING, T.I. jumped on stage and killed it. Performing song after song the King of the South delivered exactly what the crowd expected from the Search for the Coldest show.  But that wasn’t it, Love & Hip Hop’s Lil Scrappy put in some work as he performed a few songs to show he’s not just a reality star but he’s still in the rap game.  Anchoring the show was none other then the west coast rap legend himself, ICE CUBE.  As the host of the Coors Light music tour, Cube took it upon himself to make sure that fans went home happy. All we can say is LOUD MUSIC, SMOKE and COORS LIGHT.

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