To start the year off right, Enchanted PR and AW Media Group hosted a Microsoft Media Luncheon to get the local Media a heads up on the newest technologies.  With a private tour of the Microsoft store in Lenox Mall, we were able to see the Touchscreen Table Top and an entire interactive wall of screens booted up for X-Box Live! A store with more X-Box games than one thought existed, what more could one ask for?  Maybe the tablet displays would be a good match up?

Before lunch was served the Microsoft rep gave us an in-depth look at the new Samsung Slate tablets, might as well call them the thinnest computers on the market.  Complete with Windows 7 operating system and enough space to run any and all of your favorite desktop software, the tablets are a good edition to the tablet/pad world. One local Blogger raised a good question about the tablets, “What about Apps?”  Yes it’s true with a full operating system the use of Apps is not available, meaning your favorite social network sites are not a touch of a button, rather a traditional login screen each time you want to post.

Either way we appreciated the private tour of new products and futuristic technology displays all thanks to Angela and Christal. Thanks Ladies!

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