In theaters now, Joyful Noise‘s Keke Palmer sat down with us to discuss her new movie and more.  At first you might see this as another Gospel movie, it’s got Queen Latifah, Dolly Pardon, Jeremy Jordan, Kirk Franklin and many others that are clapping along to a new word for all audiences.  Yes it’s about a Gospel Choir competing in an National Competition, but it’s much more then that as Keke explains. Her character is coming of age and there’s a new boy in town that plans to stir up a little dust. See what happens when Keke falls for his antics and she begins to loosen up a little.  But when her mother, the choir conductor, see’s the young man as a distraction she goes to desperate measure to assure the Choirs focus and success.  See what her response was when she was slapped by Queen Latifah and much more.

With an album coming soon, we asked her what it was like to sing a Michael Jackson song? And how that impacted her.  She touches on the struggles her family faced moving to Hollywood to support her career.

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