On Friday the 13th some of Sunday’s Best will hit the silver screen with “Joyful Noise“, a new gospel film with a real life modern twist.  Kirk Franklin joins a powerful cast of singers (Queen Latifah, Dolly Pardon, Jeremy Jordan & Keke Palmer) that aim to dream a whole lot louder when it comes to singing in Church. With a national competition in the sights of a small choir from a country town in Georgia the movie takes you through all the modern issues that arise on a day to day basis.

We caught up with legendary Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin as he talked about how he got in the movie.

“During the summer I was working on my current album and Ty (Director) asked me to write an original song for the movie.  So after months had gone by I still didn’t have a song for him.  He was expecting a demo, but I don’t do demos. I told him, when it comes down to it you just gotta trust that you’ll like it”

The director apparently liked the song so we asked Kirk Franklin more about his scene which consisted of an all day performance, which translated into a 3 minute performance on screen. During the sit down Kirk got pretty deep about the differences between Gospel movies and movie that have a Good message. We asked, with such a diverse and powerful cast, what was his feeling on the outcome?

Watch the film below for his answers. Trailer below that.

Kirk Franklin talks new movie “Joyful Noise” from Ross Mena on Vimeo.

Niche said, The Human’s will always need their Gods” – Quoted by Kirk Franklin in Interview.

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