Make Up Bars are all the rave in major cities like New York , LA, and Miami.  Offering a mid day Cosmo lounge complete with cocktails, massages, and mini make overs its a wonder Atlanta hadn’t caught on sooner. The Beauty Escape Make Up Bar brought the GLAM to the sleek W Hotel | Downtown for a few hours of pampering. Stocked with Lip Stick, Body Scrub, High Heels, and the well anticipated signature cocktails; this experience promises to provide the ultimate pre-game without the raccoon eyes. Their were some pretty cool products and gadgets at this event but the high heel condoms were by far the most impressive.

Check out the photos below!

Vendors Pictured:  Nu Skin,  High Heel Junkie,  Travel MT (Anjanette McBride), Kiss Couture, Mary Kay, Pharmanex System, Respire Respire MT, and Carson Bryce

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  1. Bianca

    Cool, I cant say that I’ve seen a make up bar in atlanta…lol not one with real cocktails at least


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