As Men’s Skin Care products are steadily on the rise, there is one product line that has stole the flag in this epic battle of what a Man should use on his face.  Millions of men around the world seem to just use a bar of regular soap which drys out their skin and begins the damaging process. Add that to the daily activities of a Man mixing with dirt, grime and sweat and you have a serious skin problem.  Rough skin on a man has been the trend for years, but with the fusion of technology and nature, Himself27 has claimed the throne for the Male Species.

Straight out of the outback, owner and developer Gary Whitfield an Australian visionary set out across the globe to create a sophisticated, exotic and natural product using only the finest ingredients found in the natural world.  Once achieving his goal, the world launch of Himself27 a Men’s skin care product line took place and the accolades came pouring in. Featured in publications all over the world, including Kore Magazine’s Skin Care Edition, where we featured the Himself27’s Facial Cleanse and Anti-Age Creme. All we can say are these products are amazing!

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