Everybody loves to watch a good fight. In the past, movies like Robert DeNiro‘s ‘Raging Bull‘, Sylvester Stallone‘s ‘Rocky‘, Will Smith‘s ‘Ali” and recently Mark Wahlberg‘s ‘Fighter’ have all shed some light on the world of professional Boxing.  When it comes to MMA fighting there is one movie that represents for all MMA fighters, WARRIOR.  Like most fight movies there is always family trouble, but this film caught a different angle.  Can victory bring together a family torn apart or will victory separate what’s left of it?

When it comes to the fighting, TOP NOTCH!  With an inside look at the lifestyle of a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, everything from turning it on for a fight and turning it off at home.  The fight scenes are Breath Taking, Edge of the Chair, Jumping due to excitement type fight scenes.  Two complete opposite stories of two men battling through the biggest MMA tournament the world has ever seen. Tom Hardy is an ex-Marine that has a secret  inside that he must let go if he is to survive the game of life, the other Joel Edgerton is a physics teacher struggling to keep his family intact. When it comes down to survival, Victory is up for grabs.

“5 Stars, Rocky is about Boxers, this film is about WARRIORS!

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