For the past 63 Years Bronner Brothers has been a pillar in the community, with approximately 300 cosmetologists in attendance at their very first show the legend began. This summer over 60,000 of the most intriguing hairstylists, exhibitors, distributors and cosmetology students flocked to the largest professional hair event in the world to experience that legend and enhance their careers! The Bronner Brothers International Show provides everything needed for progressive cosmetologists to increase their business and professional skills in today’s demanding beauty market. Through seminars, workshops, and demonstrations the education of beauty continues with the four-day cosmetology convention. Just in time for the launch of The Kore Magazine Skin and Beauty Edition. Several of the beauty brands featured were in attendance at this years show, delighted we made sure we stopped at each booth individually to speak with our favorites!

CLICK HERE for ALL THE PICS of the BB 2011 Hair Show

Here’s a peek!

Joi Mebane, The “Lash and Brow Architect” recently launched the newest collection to her line of beauty products with total focus on enhancing the window to your soul… Your eyes! The LOOK BY JOI features “The Deluxe Brow Kit” for the perfect brow, “The Look” single & duo brow powders, angled tweezers, brow brush, mirror, and a very unique guide to your desired brow shape! The products will be available on Fall 2010 and BY JOI retail locations throughout the Atlanta area.

Design Essentials has set the industry standard in quality, providing premium hair care products as a trusted professional brand for over 20 years. We were introduced to Design Essentials Natural a few months ago and feel in love with the products, after speaking with the Director of Education Rebecca Mariolis, we were able to understand what makes DE Natural a complete care system  so different from the rest.

Jane Carter began developing Natural Hair Solutions over 10 years ago, after experiencing an allergic reaction from the chemicals found in traditional hair care. The stylist and salon owner wanted to be sure to provide her clients with quality natural ingredients that were safe and effective for every hair type. Each Jane Carter Solutions product is specifically formulated for Dry hair and can be used on curly, wavy, straight, relaxed, natural hair, color treated and locked hair.

Charlene Spiller not only reigns as Lead Hair Stylist for BET”s RIP THE RUNWAY, she is commanding Obedience from unruly hair across the nation.¬† Working annually backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Charlene is very use to chaos, directing a team of 15 artisans through a style maze. Each product from Spiller’s line “Obedience” has a command and the premier product “B Straight”

CLICK HERE for ALL THE PICS of the BB 2011 Hair Show

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