With the rise of celebrities covering their faces in tattoo’s are stats are going crazy from a simple post about an Ice Cream Face Tattoo. I was astonished to see how many people were actually searching to see of photo of someone with a tattoo on their face. While in Atlanta rapper Wiz Khalifa has shared his love for girlfriend/model Amber Rose with inking a Heart on his face with her name in it.  This follows the couple both placing eachothers name on their hands to show their comittment. Because we are launching the Skin & Beauty Edition of Kore Magazine I thought it would be most appropriate to share the exact way tattoos are applied and how they affect your skin.

For some deciding to have a needle plunged into your skin repetitively is an easy decision compared to the art itself; Often giving more thought to the color and location of the tattoo than the risk. A tattoo is a permanent mark that uses tiny pricks to insert pigments into the top layer of your skin. If you’ve experienced the “art of tattooing” you’re fully aware of the pain caused by the needle piercing your skin faster than the speed of a sewing machine. Your tattoo ink is NOT FDA approved and is classified as a cosmetic. Be careful what you’re inserting into your Skin Tattoos Cause…..

Allergic Reactions > Is your tattoo itching? You’re probably having an allergic reaction to the ink dye. Dye can cause allergic reactions years after receiving the tattoo.

Infections > If you have any redness or swelling around your tattoo don’t ignore it. More than likely you are experiencing the early signs of a skin infection.

Keloids> Over grown scar tissue is a pain, and if your skin is subject to Keloid Tattoos can cause bumps called granulomas that form near the surface of the ink.

Incurable Diseases > Anytime there is a needle and blood you are subjecting yourself to possible blood-borne diseases that KILL make sure the parlor you’re being serviced at is clean and LICENSED

Ignorance> When you get carried away in making your body an artistic statement you run the risk of looking like a complete fool like so many that will go unnamed.

If you decide to go under the needle make sure you’ve evaluated your skin and are familiar with the artist that will be doing all the stabbing, its important to be sure they are a licensed professional. Just in case you run into any hardships like this….

Infected with INK

You want to be sure that you’re covered and able to receive the proper help!

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3 Responses

  1. elle

    I just don’t understand the fascination of showing ur commitment with tattoos… love is so conditional. I would never do anything so reckless.

  2. Phil

    Don’t make tattoos sound so horribly wrong!!! For those of you that are thinking about getting one find a great parlor and get your tattoo, I have four and I am so thankful for getting them they look great.!!!!


    Wiz Khalifa’s face tattoo is fake… He hasn’t a heart tattooed on his face.


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