When it comes to the music industry, it’s not just Black or White, there is this distinct Gray Area, and D. Woods has proven that.  Once part of the multi-platinum Diddy’s girl group Danity Kane, Woods started to rise above the others and it seemed to make a little wave in the pool. And with that she separated from the group and went solo.

“In the time since that moment, I’ve been in this place of moving from out of the shadows of that situation into my own independence,” says Woods, “This journey has been my own personal gray area.”

Now on her own label, WoodGrane Entertainment, Woods has been pumping up her single, ‘Lady in the Street‘ and the new release of her EP titled The Gray Area. Held at Zac Studios off Northside, the listening party was hosted by D herself and Grey Goose. Many other ATL socialites came out to support, Dondria, Roscoe Dash, DJ Trauma, Popcorn, Brandi D from the group Blaque and Wale.

Photos by Inferno Designz

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