Ever Hated your Boss some much you wanted them gone? Have you sat there in your cubicle thinking about all the ways you could rid the world of your Supervisor? Well this could be the most hilarious answer to your dreams and sub conscience.

One night drinking at a local bar, three friends discover their hatred for their Horrible Bosses, as they laugh and joke about plotting to rid the world of each one’s boss.  Boss One (Kevin Spacey)will never let up on his subordinate, pushing him to the limit everyday. Boss Two (Jennifer Aniston) is a ManEating Whore taht doesn’t understand the meaning of Sexual Harassment.  And Boss Three (Colin Farrell) has inherited the family business and plans to milk it dry to retire in Columbia. The crew (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis) find themselves in an interesting position when the 3 suburban average joe’s go looking for a professional hitman (Jamie Foxx) in the craziest part of town. With the most interesting name for a criminal, tattoos all over his head and just released from prison the crew gets odd advise from this murder consultant. As the plans start to unfold, the plans go horribly wrong. Will the friends survive this murderous and hilarious roller-coaster ride to claim their rights as workers.

The NEXT Best Comedy since Hangover. *****

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