I’ve always wondered why people haven’t learned to appreciate being asked for their opinion or concerns…When an individual cares they want to address the things that have affected you.

We all may not agree with the ways of  a modern leader  like President Obama, but we must agree that he has made a tremendious effort in allowing the people in this country to speak. Be it effective or not, on Thursday afternoon MSNBC and CNN broadcast live the White House’s  first Twitter Town Hall, where President Obama responded to tweets with hashtag #ASKOBAMA. There were over 169K #askobama tweets in just under 70 minutes, although many of the tweets were of the typical ignorance, the White House choose to respond to 20 of the 40 thousand unique questions asked.  Here are a few of the  #ASKOBAMA tweets that I liked!

These are by far some of the sweeter #ASKOBAMA tweets, to read more Follow tweets sent from @WHITEHOUSE account or @TOWNHALL! The biggest tweet topics were Jobs (18,957)  Budget (15,000) Taxes (14, 777) and Education (8,833)

What Would You #ASK-OBAMA?

More #ASKOBAMA stats

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