If you never have been to Brazil, you’re missing out on beautiful people, beautiful scenery and a hell of a good time.  So with that in mind, The W Hotel (Downtown Atlanta) teamed up with Grey Goose to bring you their rooftop Brazilian Soiree. Introducing the new Summer Tea Cocktail, Goose wanted to share that international experience with the best of Atlanta’s Tastemakers. Some that were in attendance, Project Runway’s fashion designer Michael Knight, Samone Says, ball player Warren Dunn and Atlanta’s own lifestyle specialist.

As the beat of the live drums hit a group of Brazilian Dancers paraded onto the rooftop and performed a intensive dance. With sticks and swords in hand they put on a interesting show, spinning, kicking and jumping all around. That wasn’t all for the Brazilian experience, with customary Brazilian style hor’dourves and Brazilian Belly Dancers the rooftop was jumpin’.

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Photos by: R. Mena for InfernoDesignz

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