Have you ever spilled coffee on your shirt, and then wondered what type of effect that had on your day?  This movie might have the answer to why things happen to you but more importantly, was it supposed to happen?

The film takes place in modern day New York, where David Norris (Matt Damon) is running for a the Senate seat, his FATE takes an abrupt turn when he meets a beautiful contemporary ballet dancer, Elise (Emily Blunt).  Now that David’s Fate is off course, some mysterious men show up and conspire to get him back on course.  In the process David gets a glimpse of his future and decides to go against the grain of fate and pursue the life he wants. With the mysterious Adjustment Bureau doing everything in their powers to get him back on course, David must decide either to pursue his love for Elise or let their predetermined path take it’s course.

Similar to the film Inception, minus the dreams, this film has a unique view on FATE and how people live their pre-planned lives never being aloud to step off course.  Thanks to Matt Damon’s character we get a glimpse of what may really be happening in the world today.

Also in the movie actors, Anthony Mackie (She Hate Me), Michael Kelly and John Slattery.

Rated PG-13

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