It’s True, the World is Ending? The Terminator is multiplying in Hollywood, no one is safe now that Arnold Schwarzenegger, already father of four, has openly admitted to fathering a child outside of his marriage, making it number five.  But let’s get some facts about this incident that has cause his 25 year marriage to go on the fritz.

Just a week ago The LA Times  broke the news that Arnold and his wife Maria Shriver were separating,  Arnold stated,  “we both love each other very much.” Not sure on the reasons for the breakup the public grew concerns, but it’s out of the bag now.  Arnold had relations with one of  the house workers which birthed his child.  Both the child’s mother and Mr. Universe kept their child a secret for years (+10), and named the father as the woman’s at-the-time husband. Arnold became Governor after the child’s birth and recently ended his terms in office in January.

Now that Ms. Shriver announced her reasons for leaving The Terminator, there is no turning back for the former Governor of  California, he must now go forward with his acting career and focusing on child support.

Here’s a funny recap of  The Best of Arnold.

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