Awaken Your Senses with Carol’s Daughteras they launch the new fragrance Orange Ambrosia“! My friend Its Arkeedah invited me to experience the launch of Orange Ambrosia at the Carol’s Daughter in Lenox Square.  EVERYONE knows that I can never get enough of Cosmetics, Cupcakes or Cocktails especially when the Cosmetics smell like fresh baked cupcakes! Carols Daughter had it all,  Ultimate Vodka, Lamik Cosmetics and CUPCAKES!!!

If you aren’t educated in the art of skin care affectionately known as Carol’s Daughter, then you may have missed one major aspect of the line.. its NATURAL and GLAMrous like an Organic CupCake! [Try Her Majesty Inc.]   Guest arrived at Lenox Square to enjoy makeovers, shopping , and music by the fabulous DJ Princess CUT!  Check out some of the event photos and don’t forget to stop by LENOX SQUARE  for the only Carols Daughter Store in the south east!!!


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