Piscine Vivante

In France 1966 Jean Desjoyaux, created a company that is now known as the Worlds #1 in-ground pool constructor. On April 2,2011 Desjoyaux Pools, celebrated their North American debut with a Grand Opening at the Desjoyaux show room in Alpharetta, GA. While guest enjoyed a tour of the facility over h’ordeuvres and cocktails, one lucky home owner won a Desjoyaux custom pool and installation valued at over $40,000!

Active Permanent Casinginvented, patented and produced exclusively by Desjoyaux is rot proof and environmentally friendly. Desjoyaux Pools are a free standing structure assembled panel by panel into the shape and dimensions of your choice made with a recycled sturdy polypropylene and concrete combination; providing resistance to frost and foundation (shifts)

Desjoyaux (provides) rapid installation, anti-leak reliability, effective filtration and water savings. Their patented filtration system, inspired by boat motors, features a completely pipe-less design; alleviating the risk of leakage and waste water. Available either as an integrated unit or surface mounted, Desjoyaux (is) easy up keep and maintenance.
Visit the New Alpharetta Show room, 11007 Alpharetta HWYand schedule your home consultation. Desjoyaux Pools are custom in budget as well as dimension!

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