“I’ve been inspired by Japan for many years and have a true love, appreciation and respect for the Japanese people and their culture,”  Gwen Stefani told reporters.

The International Superstar donated $1,000,000 (Million) dollars to Children’s Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund on Wednesday. In addition a limited edition Harajuku Lovers T-shirt designed by Stefani will be available next week through www.nodoubt.com, with all proceeds going to the relief efforts in Japan. Gwen Stefani will also be performing at a charity fundraiser in L.A. to help raise money for relief and recovery.


“The disaster in Japan is beyond heartbreaking and I want to do anything I can to help. I would never be able to make a gesture like this without the love and support of all the fans over all these years,” Stefani included.

Japan’s disaster has effected more than 25,000 people. With almost 10,000 dead and even more listed as missing this earthquake is at the top of the list of Largest and Deadliest in the past 20 years, with Haiti, China, Chile, and Indonesia rounding out the Top 5.

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