Every generation seems to have that one trend that ends up being the stupidest thing ever.. This Generation has picked, FACE TATTOOS!  We’re not dogging Tattoos, but remember when you got a tat somewhere you could hide it?  If you put a shirt on or let your hair down you would be safe. What are people going to do now, where a Mask?

This loyal fan decided to copy her favorite rapper’s favorite street rapper’s Face tattoo. Back in January, Gucci Mane got another face tattoo, an Ice Cream Cone with Red Lightning saying “Brrr”.  Reports of Gucci being mental ill popped up soon after this picture leaked, but really though, who’s the insane one, the rap artist that might not need a job with all that bread he’s stacking, or the Crazed Fan that followed in his foot steps??

Remember back in the day, when you thought it was cool to wear overalls with only one strap up, or maybe it was cool to get an unusual piercing, the difference is all these things are easily reversible.  Tattoo’s on the other hand are a lot more difficult to get rid of, and very expensive, especially on your face. On average, for a 2 inch square your looking at around $700, campared to the $50 it might have cost you.

If your interested in Tattoo Removal, here are a few links you might want to look at:

www.TattooRemovalAtlanta.net or www.DrTattOff.com

Back to the Epidemic: Gucci Mane isn’t the only one contributing to the Worst Trend in decades.  Superstars like Lil Wayne and Birdman have been trending for a while now, Birdman got 3 BIG Red stars on his head, he also gave tribute to his own Oil Company and tatted the logo on the side of his head. Wayne is almost completely covered, and recently got some tribal by his left ear. Here’s a list of JUST his Face Tattoos.

  • “Fear of God” on his eyelids with a cross above the ‘of’ between his eyes
  • Saints which is the Fleur de Lis Symbol with “Orleans” above it
  • “Misunderstood” and 2 rows of stars with some of them being ultraviolet
  • “I Am Music” above his right eye
  • Cracks coming from his hairline at the top of his hairline and also on the sides of his chin as well as various other parts of his body
  • 3 tattoo tears, 2 under his right eye, 1 on the left side of his mouth, and 1 under his left eye which he covered up with a symbol because his mother said he had too many tattoo tears. He’s also admittedly said that he’s never killed anyone and that he got the tattoo tears simply because he wanted to see how it looked and once he saw it, he liked it.
  • “Tune” next to left ear which is short for Lil Tunechileoncious, a nickname his grandmother gave him as a child
  • A smileyface on the inside of bottom lip

The newest group member is Diamond.  This former member of “Crime Mob” has hopped on the band wagon.  Recently getting a ‘Bullet” tatted on the side of her face close to her ear. She leakd her own pic via Twitter (@DiamondATL), stating the reason for the new tattoo:

“IN LIFE: You only get ONE SHOT!!!!!! Remember dat!”

The music industry is full of FACE TATTOOs that are helping this epidemic spread to our children.. Grand Hustle’s Yung LA got a cartoon duck on his face, but then later covered it up with a Dodgers logo. Chris Brown doesn’t have any tats on his face, but recently added a Heart with a dagger through it on his neck.Wiz Khalifa stands next to Wayne, with his whole body covered.

Kore Quiz: Did you know Jamie Foxx has a Tattoo on his head? What is it? Click Here.

PLEASE THINK! If your going to get tatted up.  Ask yourself Do I really want this on my FACE forever..

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  1. Anonymous

    Honestly I don’t see anything wrong with face tattoos. Getting a face tattoo doesn’t mean your mentally ill or flat out “stupid” . “I have tattoos and I don’t regret any of them.would I get a face tattoo?”truthfully I’ve thought about it and I would only get one if I was covered completely from head to toe in them. It wouldn’t be big and I would pay top dollar to get it. If these people wanna get face tattoos that’s cool the only thing that makes them stoopid is if they get something un original or get Joe Shmoe to do it in his kitchen but other than that it’s their body and if they want to get a boob job, smoke cigarettes, get a face tattoo or smoke crack that’s their choice not society’s

    • Anonymous

      Having a tattoo definitely means you’re an idiot.

  2. Anonymous

    Like the song says only stupid people are breeding. They say yuppies want to enjoy their lives and are having no kids. Look at the Boston Red Sox they look like inbreeds with all the beards at tattoos. I think it shows that we live in a degenerate society today. Tattoos became popular in the prison system and a few years back mostly scum got them. It has become an epidemic today because people see others with them so they have to get one. It is the domino effect. Everyone is a follower today. People want to be noticed and that’s why they have them on there legs and arms instead of having them where they can be hidden. People today can’t just get one tattoo. They want to fill their bodies up with ink. It’s not even a generation thing! Allot women in their late 40’s and early 50’s are getting them thinking it makes them look cool and hip when they just look ridiculous. It just makes them look like old tramps! The US is becoming the scum of the world and I hate being an American today! I’m not at all religious but in the bible it says not to mark yourself! So I would imagine all these people with tattoos are either atheist or hypocrites. 20 years from now all the nursing homes are going to be filled with old ladies wearing tramp stamps and sleeves. Most people who got tattoos when they were young regret it. How can you like Freddy Kruger’s claw on your shoulder when you are 40 or a grenade on your neck when you are 50? People are just too stupid to think for themselves! Hopefully the next generation will see how uncool these old idiots are.


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