Can Brother’s Envy be all Tiki Barberneeds to return to the gridiron? The reports are in, and it’s official that the 35 year old Virginia native is asking the NewYork Giantsto remove him from the retirement list. Barber, who is ranked 22nd on the NFL’s All-Time Rushing record, retired in 2006 walking away from a $23 million dollar career.  Barber will be able to be traded as soon as time permits.

Many speculate on Barber’s reason for returning to the game. Tiki said seeing his brother, Ronde (35) still play in the NFL for Tampa Bay allowed the thought of returning to the game a reality.

Some wonder if it has anything to do with his new love life? You may remember last summer’s headlines,Tiki Barber Leaves Wife for Intern! Last April Barber left his pregnant wife of 11 years for un-paid NBC intern, Traci Lynn Johson. Tiki has left as a one of the hosts of the Today’s Show and is dealing with his Twins, born last May, so maybe a new football career is just what the Life Coach is prescribing for one of the best running backs in professional football history. Good Luck Tiki.


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  1. SimoneDanielle`

    Wow! Left one for another huh? I couldn’t tell the wife from the intern. Who’s Who?


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