Say What! You got it, Mars Needs Moms. In this new Disney animated film a young boy travels to the RED planet to save his mother from the Martians. The movie stars the voices of Seth Green, Joan Cusack, Dan Fogler and Elisabeth Harnois and was directed by Simon Wells

We got a  chance to watch the Atlanta Screener at AMC’s Atlantic StationTheater, and boy was it packed with Children and their Mothers. In the mix of popcorn flyin’, 3D glasses swirlin’ in the air and glow sticks swayin’ we were able to catch a few Celebrity Moms & Dads showing their support. Roscoe Dash & Daughter, Kandi Burress and Daughter, and Terri Vaughan and Family.

The Movie was a 3D space rollercoaster ride to the RED Planet, with inspiring family values being showcased.  The film almost puts you on edge when you see that the Martians are abducting Moms from earth, thinking what kinda of movie is this? But let us re-assure you, if you’re a parent with wild children, the lesson is priceless. A Film The Family Must Go See!


For more info you can visit the Offical Site.

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  1. SimoneDanielle`

    It’s nice to know that a son will go to Mars to save his Mom!!! Lol Lol. That is cute I must see it when my son and I have our movie date. I use to take him to the movie, now as young adult he takes me (smile.


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