Jose Chu is not just a Model, Dancer, and Actor. Jose Chu is The Brand that super exceeds every previous expectation set forth by typical male models. Launching his career as a dancer under the infamous Fatima Robinson, the Los Angeles born artist of appearance quickly picked up creative gigs and began to develop a legacy.

“Fatima booked my first gig; It’s such a high light and accomplishment to have been able to work with her.”
Although Jose saw much success in his venture as a dancer, it was the move to Atlanta that turned this dancer into a model and unleashed a beast. “I still love to dance, and will take some gigs. I honestly do not want to stop until I dance for GAGA,” he says with a playfully serious tone “I haven’t given up on it, but it’s taken a back seat; after the move I landed a few print gigs and it took off”

The inception of modeling, Chu credits to Beauty and Fashion Photography Leo Marshall, who “doesn’t typically shoot men, there are almost a hand full.” Featuring in campaigns from the US Military to Akoo, it’s clearly understood why Jose is among the select few. “The market for models is targeted to women typically; I’m honored to be featured as the first male in the Lelani hair campaign and featuring in videos with Juvenile, Maino, and Plies.”

Jose Chu is well on his way to becoming THE BRAND that we all recognized and a house hold name across the nation. Choosing projects high in quality and integrity, there is no measure to the potential achievement of such a distinct Brand. Working with environmentally conscious designer Cotrice Addison, is just a piece of the integrity that has set Jose Chu apart from rest. 

“Cotrice is AWESOME, everything from her safety pin necklaces and vest to coconut earrings and bracelets, and I love to work with her and the fact that she utilizes every aspect of art in fashion. Nothing goes to waste with Cotrice; after she drinks the coconut milk, that coconut is on a dress. It’s important as a model to have some principle and that’s what I love about Cotrice.”


It’s the initiative to highlight a part of environmentally friendly projects that certifies Chu for our Green Initiative.



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