Phyto Organics ChromaLife  Colour Lock System by Nexxus is the antidote to dull color and harsh chemical treatments.



What does your hair say about you? If you are interested in pouring life into your current style with a healthy organic product from a trusted professional brand,  Nexxus Phyto Organics ChromaLife will delight you. Each product subsumes a blend of natural and technologically advanced ingredients, that promote vibrant colour that last up to 5 times longer!

The Colour Lock Shampoo, which contains aromatherapy essences of calming Linden Blossom, Jasmine and refreshing Apple left my hair vibrant and shiny, I was amazed at the amount of moisture that was retained simply from the shampoo. Sulfate free and ultra mild The Colour Lock shampoo helps restore essential nutrients lost during colour services.

Equipped with FADE BLOCK COMPLEX, The Colour Lock Conditioner contains a nourishing Blue Lotus Root blend and is essential to replenish vitamins in the hair. Leaving you with a baby soft feel as if your hair was never damaged.

The FADE BLOCK COMPLEX Contains micro-nutrient particles that help repair, replenish, and protect hair from chemical and thermal damage and colour loss.

Nexxus understands that damaged hair is not only cause by harsh color treatments and chemicals applied to the hair. The Colour Lock Treatment contains a unique combination of botanicals that provide protection from UV rays and thermal appliances.  The treatment also decreases drying time and helps to retain colour treated hair longer when used with The Colour Lock Shampoo and Conditioner.

 We are avid about promoting brand that are healthy for us are well as the environment. Phyto Organics ChromaLife is an advanced Colour Lock System that does not pollute your hair or our environment with abrasive chemicals.
Try this soothings  salon professional products today, for an ultimately healthy you!

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    I love all of your products.I follow on twitter as @carolynishis and i am tweeting your giveaway!!


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