Kore Magazine’s Samone Says hosted a fabulous night of Girl Talk™ :: Valentine Edition sponsored by Durex® Love Box and House Party.  

With Hello Kitty Cocktails and Organic Pink Frosted Cupcakes provided by Her Majesty Inc. ’s  Chef Chelsea.

 Durex introduces the New Love Box, a convenient and stylish way for women to always be prepared for a special moment. The tactful, compact like container, is available in many colors and designs and comes pre stocked with Durex condoms. Each Love Box is washable and reusable, no more hassle or concern. Education is equally as important as intimacy, Durex believes in providing Safety and Knowledge to consumers. Promoting a healthy sexual lifestyle and they clearly have shown they care about the ladies!

The House Party provided fun for all with Love Box personalized  He SAID :  She SAID trivia game. We all  became more knowledgeable about the statistics of  men and women’s true feelings about sex.

 Love-Box® by Durex®, three Durex® condoms in a discreet, yet stylishly designed metal tin. Love-Box® provides a personalized and fashionable way to put condoms in a shopping basket or carry them in a purse. 

Don’t forget to check out the new products from Durex !

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  1. Ashley Bush-Hardy

    Awesome party! Cool gifts! I had such a great time with the ladies. And the He Said She Said game was my kind of learning. Awesome Party!


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