Last night at the 53rd Grammy Awards there was a lot of suprises for the fans. One Lady Gaga was carried across the red carpet in an Egg.  Two Nicki Minaj looked like a leopard version of Ms. Gaga. And the shock of all, Justin Bieber lost to Esperanza Splalding for “Best New Artist”.  With only one nomination this incredible Jazz artist took the stage by suprise, but don’t think she’s unknown. Playing gigs at the White House and being praised by Stevie Wonder, who can say she’s never been heard of? Well Bieber fans can..

With her third album  ‘Chamber Music Society’, which dropped last summer, this starlett has brought real music back and she won a Grammy for it. Now being the first Jazz performer to win a Grammy and labeled as Jazz’s next big thing, we’re sure she will continue to graces us with harmonic melodys and powerful voice.

The other Nominees: Drake, Justin Bieber, Mumford & Sons and Florence and the Machine

She Performs at the White House.

Esperanza Spalding performs at the BET Awards for a Prince Tribute..

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    I actually don’t think Esperanza Spalding in fact won a grammy! We’d never known her before, nevertheless I really looked her up on The internet and I actually actually actually like the woman’s jams.


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