Before watching this movie, we wondered what it could be about?  With in the first few minutes a “crispy midget”  makes it apparent that it was to be interesting and good. With a psychedelic view on life and all that the universe has to offer the movie stands out on it’s own.

The film is about a private detective (Antonio Banderas) is hired to find a missing stripper but the job turns complicated when everyone he questions ends up dead. From the mean streets of Los Angeles to the desolate desert of New Mexico, Cruz must contend with a brutal Russian Boxer, three brash LAPD detectives, an aged billionaire looking for the Big Bang, and the billionaire’s stunningly gorgeous wife. The solution to the mystery will cost ten lives, net $30 million and just might explain – well – everything.

Rated: R  Release Date: N/A 2011   Must see.  4 out of 5

Cast: Sienna Guillory, Autumn Reeser, Antonio Banderas, Sam Elliott, William Fichtner, James Van Der Beek, Thomas Kretschmann, Delroy Lindo, Jimmi Simpson, Robert Maillet

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    You’re the only critic who got this right.


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