GO GREEN: This APP is not only cool but special. SWAGG allows purchasers to be more eco-friendly by eliminating the use of the Plastic Cards.  Reducing the need for plastics helps the ozone and other environments around the world. To get more information about Going Green please view our Eco Edition.

Are you sick in tired of keeping up with all those Gift Cards and Membership Loyalty Cards? Do you always wonder what your balance is or how many credits you have left?

Well thanks to Outlier Inc. your problems can be fixed. They created SWAGG, a new, android application that helps consumers eliminate these frustrations by enabling them to give and get gift cards from a growing list of household retail names, including American Apparel, Wet Seal, Live Nation, 1-800 Flowers and JC Penney (just to name a few).  And SWAGG not only allows you to eliminate all of your plastic gift, membership and loyalty cards, it will organize and keep track of them on your android to ensure that you use up every bit of store credit before a card goes missing or gets left behind.

You can also download SWAGG to your android by clicking here.

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