With her 4th album underway Lady Gaga is ready to show your who she really is?  Titled ‘Born This Way’ Gaga explained to reporters that her new album is like “bad kids going to church” that are “having fun on a high level”, the sounds are a marriage of rock ‘n’ roll with really sledge-hammering dance beats.Dj White Shadow a Chicago Producer and Mixtape Guru, adds a new element to the production team stating to billboard that,

 “The album is like a golden spaceship touching down on a rainbow runway in a field of fresh mint”

With 20 hour days spent in the studio and writing everyday this creative circus is not stopping, pushing out a single Feb 13th and launching the album March 23rd.  Akon, the one responsible for discovering Lady Gaga, is certain that this will be the album of albums for this decade.

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    OMG I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Great job on the new site! I love it!


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