BREAKING NEWS! 50 Cent takes on and is victorious! Today on Twitter, Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, claims that he has finally won his battle with WSHH. In 2009 he filed a law suite against them, claiming that the used him to help there image and web numbers. 50 has his own site, and claims that these other hip hop websites are misrepresenting Black People. 

Is this the beginning or the end? 50 Cent plans to take over whom ever tries him, as you can see with WSHH. Teaming up with other starlights like Floyd Mayweather we’re sure money ain’t a thing.. They do what they wanna do! We just hope the representation that 50 Cent plans to bring isn’t BullSh*t..

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  1. Hiatuz

    Man 50 is ruthless he owns a high market share in most things related to hip hop but it looks like he wants more


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