Maheem Haq, a twelve year old Muslim student in Maryland was benched this week during a youth basketball game because of refusing to remove her head scarf. When asked by a Hagerstown Youth Ref, Haq’s refusal leads to being benched during the first half of the game. Reporters say that although the Ref decision is widely criticized legally he was in his right to pull Haq from the game. The Mid-Maryland Girls Basketball league failed to request specific exemptions to allow the 12 year old Muslim student to wear her religious wrap during games. The official in question deemed that the scarf presented a safety hazard and will face no penalty for his decision.
Our Question: Should you have to file paper work to exempt you from a particular activity based on your religion. And, if in fact the correct paper work was processed, according to the official would that eliminate his initial defense of Haq’s wrap presenting a safety hazard to the team? How could the official have handled the situation?
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    The official is stupid. Its so sad that you have to go through that. Its obvious that she is muslim so why should she have to fill out paper work that says Im going to wear a scarf. So stupid. People hide behind the words “Official Request” and “Proper paper work”. Its like you have to fill out paper work just to believe in something.


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