After 13 years the world might finally find out who murdered Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G. A special task force made up of  local and federal law enforcement announced to CNN that they are actively pursuing new leads into Who Shot Biggie. Russell Poole, a retired Detective for the LAPD continuously argued that someone at the LAPD had something to do with it, speaking out against his fellow officers, his superiors ordered him to stop investigating and forced Poole to retire.

“I think I was getting too close to the truth,” Poole said. “I think they feared that the truth would be a scandal.”

With some many theories about the East Coast Vs. West Coast rival, which includes the murder of Tupac Shakur, we still wait for an answer. Some try to blame Suge Knight, CEO of Death Row Records, making Biggie’s death a retaliation to the Skakur murder. Suge Knight was in the same car as Tupac while a drive by occurred and killed Tupac in Las Vegas following the Tyson vs. Seldon fight. Rumors are that Knight had some connection to off duty LAPD officers that are thought of as suspects in Wallace’s murder. David Mack, one of those officers, thought to have some connection to Biggie’s murder is being released from jail this year after committing a different crime the same year following Biggie’s murder.

The task force spoke to CNN about re-opening the case with new leads, but cannot mention what they are if they want to keep they case alive. So will this “David Mack” get out of jail and tell us whats really good? We’ll just have to see…

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