Black Swan is a devastatingly beautiful story. Natalie Portmans stars as Nina the Prima Ballerina for the production of Swan Lake. The film goes beyond what you would have ever imagined in a typical ballet piece. Portman battles throughout to embody the essence of the Black Swan, a seductive, fiery, carelessly wicked character. While she has perfected the ballet of the White Swan, Nina is plagued with the emptiness of that perfection and we witness a slow mental spiral towards “Loosing Yourself in Darkness” as Thomas the Artistic Director advised.

My initial reaction was to sit in silence and digest what I thought I was going to watch vs exactly what was on the screen before me. I was amazed by Portmans performance and how convincing she was as a ballerina. I do not want to give the film away but I will say a must see. There is a slight spurt of soft lesbian porn (ie Girl on Girl action) But I am sure that most women will find a connection to Portmans character and as scary as it sounds her mental illness as well.  Check out the Offical Site.


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