The year 2010 ends with a bang thanks to pro baller Ron Artest. The LA Laker decided to hand over his championship ring for a better cause. You might remember in 2004 Ron was highlighted in the news for brawling with fans and was suspended for 75 games, but he’s here now to make a change, he stated to reporters,

 “It’s going to make an impact,” he stated. “It will snowball. It will have a domino effect later. It will have a domino effect real, real soon once people see exactly what’s going on.”

With auctioning off his championship ring for the Xcel University Charity he was able to raise over $500,000 dollars. The auction benefits aims to improve mental health issues amongst at-risk youths. Artest first shined a spotlight on mental health concerns when he thanked his psychiatrist on national TV after the incident in 2004.

For 2010 Ron has done a lot, winning a basketball championship for the LA Lakers, helping PETA with an animal Ad campaign, then auction off his winning ring for charity and now we hear a portion of his 2011-2012 pro basketball salary? Good for you Ron! The world needs more people like you.

Oh yea, and he’s a rapper!

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