Kore Magazine was able to experience the new Casio SlimEco-Projector, which is featured in our Eco Edition.  We were absolutely amazed by the efforts of Casio to launch Green Electronic Initiatives. The Casio Slim features 4 different  models all with a  Hybrid Light Source with LED technology which allows this projector to shine bright with true color that lasts up to 200,000 hours. Projectors typically use a mercury  lamp which last up to 3,000 hours  to enhance brightness, which we  know is extremely harmful to the environment and Casio is the first to introduce this technology with out compromising the integrity of the product. Low maintenance, light weight (5lbs) portable, stylish and ECO FRIENDLY.  You can only hope for a product that is energy efficient and business effective.  Being able to project the pages of Kore Magazine flipping  on the wall of our release party was awesome. It gave our readers the opportunity to experience first hand the luxury of Eco Technology, and can you image we were able to just slide the projector into its provided travel bag (no bigger than an iPad)

With a whole line of Eco slim projectors Casio is Going Green and doing a good job of it.   

The XJ-A150 retails at $1,299,  If you are interested in taking exposure and outreach to the next level while continuing to be environmentally conscience. The Casio Slim Eco-Projector is the ideal home or office investment. www.Casio.com

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