Ella Bee Pr and Kore Magazine held a special viewing party and panel discussion for BET’s original documentary “My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth about Women and Hip Hop” Hosted by Princess. We were able to have a much needed dialogue and shine light on the history and current status of MCs and female professional in the hip hop industry. Panelists included: Music Industry Executive, Shanti Das; Rapper, Rasheeda; V-103s DJ Traci Steele; model, Dawn Montgomery; Hip-Hop Publicist, Dee Dee Cocheta; Arrested Developments Eshe; Rapper, Kahlilah Ali; and Morehouse Hip Hop studies Professor Dr.Joyce
With such a diverse group of professionals, each defending their own role in the industry, there were some intensely provoking thoughts mentioned. We all seemed challenged to point a finger at who was to blame for the status of women in hip-hop. How important is sex appeal? Who decided to play what on the radio? Do you really need a successful male counterpart?  To here more about these topics and more log on to BET.com 


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