No Champagne in the Champagne Room

Three short minutes after arriving at buckheads MF Sushi bar for NeYo’s Official Listening Party, I was like Wonda (Re Re Ret to GO< In my Nicki voice). I must say an eyebrow raised when I read that NeYo’s Listening party was at a Sushi bar…Puzzled,  I let it ride. BUT when I was told that Media was not permitted into the “Listening Party” (I guess they didn’t want us to discuss the music) I immediately began to question the functionality of the event.. Typically one assumes that a “Listening Party” serves the purpose  of  listening to the music that one particular individual records, and Media serves the purpose of informing the public of such events. Thus my post.

The party started around 10 pm and by 10:30 the Moet sponsored event ran out of Moet. NeYo being the superstar that he is arrived 2o minutes after midnight. (SN: Earlier I mention we were told to wait for Neyo to arrive before entering the party. .. two and a half hours?) I must say a successful event takes more effort than a backdrop and a thick contact list. You actually have to consider the EVENT. I swear this was a low budget reenactment of your worst Hollywood party, fully loaded with groupie like paparazzi. I’m surprised most media stayed for the freak show. I guess Luda was the only “celeb” with any sense; after being asked to pose with a bottle on Moet on the red carpet, the native Atlanta rapper denied the request. Ludacris has his own brand of cognac Conjure, I’m glad he understands branding! I was also thankful to see Roscoe Dash do a 15 minute turn around, I’m sure his crew noticed the lack of Moet flowing and decided (Like us) to enjoy our hump day elsewhere.

My deepest apologies to Kore readers, you’ll have to google more photos because we didn’t bother to pull out a camera.  I was told that guest were asked to pay $15 per glass of Moet at a MOET sponsored event. No Bueno! Needless to say I hope Moet and Neyo address their representation.

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  1. ELay

    every event i have gone to thrown by these fucks have been trash maybe they should look into another field like hooking its great for groupies and they are already sucking dick and got the dress for it

  2. LB

    WoW ELay! But I feel you. There is a huge difference between being an event planner and an event publicist.

    There is an even bigger difference between being a publicist and public relations professional.

    Death to #JankyPR

  3. Indakno

    Ya know, I have been on these wack ass event planners/promoters/publicists for a minute. They jump on any opportunity rather it is a good one or a bad one. Then blame the client for all the mistakes involved. I got a DM from the PR involved in the shit asking why I think it was wack. I did not respond then but i will now.

    IT WAS WACK BECAUSE: I have covered about 90% of their events. I have NEVER been treated like that in all the time I have been covering events. The first thing I was approached with was my outfit. But there were ppl going in with jeans, sneakers, and the such. I guess because I am not a “celebrity” I don’t get that special treatment.

    IT WAS WACK BECAUSE: I was given an email with the WRONG MF Sushi address. And the time had changed.

    IT WAS WACK BECAUSE: How in the HELL are you going to have a listening party, invite media, and we cant go in until NEYO gets in. FIRST OF ALL, NEYO is NOT a Atlanta Native. Who gives a FUCK about Neyo. We were coming to HEAR AND JUDGE THE MUSIC. And then you attach a reputible brand like MOET to some BULLSHIT!!!

    IT WAS WACK BECAUSE: I have YET to receive an apology for the wack ass event. But i will be writting a letter to MOET about the event. I already heard that MF was just letting ppl do ANYTHING these days because they are loosing business. So a letter to them wont matter. But MOET would not be happy to hear from me. I PROMISE I will make a VIDEO expressing my anger. I will NOT post the pics of the event!

    THEN: I went to Justin’s last night for the Fantasia event and the WACK ASS PR saw me and could not even speak but his WACK ASS gonna post on Twitter about bitting the hand that feeds you. YOUR WACK ASS aint NEVER gave me no money for covering ANY of your WACK ASS EVENTS. YOUR FAT ASS is the one that is bitting and feeding.



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