The “Takers” movie Atlanta premier was crazy! But what can you expect with the KING showing up to show off his new movie. Paul Walker and Michael Ealy were in the house to share the experience as well. Fans poured from the streets and security was on high alert, but RainForest Films made sure we got a first hand look at the film “Takers”, and we must say, you should go see it.  T.I. really got into his character “Ghost”, I was impressed with his ability to set T.I. aside and embrace TIP.  Chris Brown, could this be a come back, he did his thing as well. We enjoyed it.

We migrated to the after party in downtown Atlanta where T.I. pulled up with Tiny both in all black in the all white Maybach. Greeted with Remy Martin and Joe Rodeo Watches T.I. graced the red carpet, along with Princess, Jose’ Chu,  Jermaine Dupri, Chaka, Will Packer (Producer) and a few others. Remy poured all night.. what else can we say?

Here are a few pics..


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  1. LB

    The movie was AMAZING! I think it is going to do very well with all the promotions. They went hard for this movie. I met Paul Walker at the screening so that made my day!

    The after party was lame unless you went upstairs…totally different event.

    Atlanta came out but there were some noticeable industry figures in Atlanta that didn’t.

    That whole door situation could’ve been better. I know they were just trying to make it feel exclusive AND Hollywood…nice try!

    Overall, it was a hectic, exhausting yet fun night.

    Good job to Rainforest Films and Grand Hustle.

  2. LIL JOE

    Hanna, could not make it in LA with that attitude, theres pleanty of people who run full productions that are not as rude as you. stop trying act like a stero-typical black woman, baby girl you Asian i eat PHO’ i know.I hope you know how to fight,cuss your mouth is so shameful, get your life together.

  3. Melven Detwiler

    Interesting side bar on Kang. She definitely did not go to school for etiquette or organization, she likes playing the roll, pimpin the parties and pretending to be working all while she is downgrading the hell out of anyone that comes in her path.


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