The Ethics of PR/Media is shrinking fast. Back in the day, event coverage was a big deal. Press, celebrities strolling down the red carpet, sponsored gift bags , the whole nine.  PR companies deal with a lot, but  ran tight ships to accomplish their masterpieces. When done correctly, events are a success, photographers have access to shoot good photos, interviews take place, and media outlets have all the components to develop the story . Nowadays, you would be lucky to get anything less than chaos.

This is about how media is treated in general. Do you think we need to cover your event? Do you think that your client is that important? People want good publicity, they want  a good review, a top rating, an A+. Do you expect to accomplish this without treating media well… CRAZY! Publicity and Marketing  are hard work when the client isn’t actively involved in a current, newsworthy project. If the client was active, we would request them, but they called us. There are plenty of good PR firms that host great events and they’re organized, they treat media well. They understand how to do PR!

Time and time again the age old battle between Good versus Bad takes place.


Atlanta premier of “Step Up 3D” versus Hollywood premier of “Step Up 3D.” Who do you think won?

In the ATL, we attended the “Step Up 3D” premier and were treated wonderfully. T-shirts, cups, free food and drinks- some people received soundtracks and other fun goodies. It was even a smooth ride in. RSVP, confirmation email, name on media list,  and were greeted by a very friendly “welcome come on in.”  In LA, we received the RSVP, confirmation email, but on the way, as we walked up to the event, we received a text from the “PR ” that the red carpet was full and we could not attend. Seriously? A few days following, we received an email from the same “PR” rep expecting a review of the film since you saw it and to also say “thanks!”  Following our response that we did not attend the event, the “PR” rep replied, “Yes I was the one who told Jane that there was no space left for the red carpet at the premiere. That came straight from the client because they were overbooked.”  And we were expected to cover what event exactly?

Successful Interviews versus Never happened

Here are a few good interview scenarios: Davis Banner’s people called and were interested in us doing a feature on him.  A date was set and a photo shoot and the interview was done. Banner himself called and got directions and verified the address and time. Great cover shoot for Kore Magazine! Kevin Hart invited us out to his show, showed us a good time and provided anything we needed for the magazine. Melyssa Ford cancelled our initial interview and was not able to attend a shoot. Melyssa still gave us an interview and sent us grade A photos. Bad scenarios: Vivica Fox’s “PR” reached out to KORE numerous times about a cover shoot. Cancelled on KORE several times and never attempted to make it up. Vivica’s “PR” REQUESTED that we attend an event,  take photos and interview Vivica which resulted in disorder and no Vivica. Jazmin Lewis (who you may have to google to lack of relativity)  canceled a shoot and interview at 8 a.m.  the day of the interview due to “food poisoning.” We later discovered photos of  Lewis, taken the night before our scheduled shoot, taking shot after shot of Patron. “Patron poisoning?”

Charity event versus force you to donate event

Let’s keep this simple. There was a charity event sponsored by Crown Royal Black and Glue Inc.-damn good! Anything you needed done was done.  They will always send you home walking fresh, video taping your experience, bouncing balls, sippin’ on one of those bottles with a smile on your face. Meaning they take care of media, they understand that our purpose in attending the event is to talk about our experience versus  a sponsored liquor event ( charity fashion show) telling you that the open bar is contingent upon donations of a certain amount.

When are people going to realize that the way  you treat media will be a direct reflection on their postings regarding you.  It is understood that sometimes its not the celebrity, but the “PR”  handling their PR/Marketing, or vice versa.  If you want media to talk in a remotely positive form, then do you not think we should have a remotely positive experience.  What happened to the good ol’ days.

Shout outs to the PR firms that are doing it right. The 135th St Agency, Glue Inc., Ella Bee Social Media & PR and the rest you know who you are, we come to all of your events!

When you do not handle clients or your media contacts respectfully (i.e. they way you would like to be treated) you will lose their support and interest. You know who you are, haven’t seen Kore Magazine lately?

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  1. LB

    Sigh, where should I start?

    Sometimes you have to realize that with certain events, there are so many parties involved that PR pros are limited and the dissemination of information is effected resulting in miscommunication. Sometimes it is reflective of the company they are representing who may not have an appreciation, understanding and/or respect for the tools necessary. PR pros serve as a middle person and it can be a challenge, but those who truly have respect for media, it shows…even when things go wrong, they try to make it up to them. PR Pros, whether you are working with a small or big budget, show respect for your media contacts. Think of it like killing two birds with one stone-treat media well, they will give fair to good reporting on your clients or events.

  2. RJ

    Couldn’t have said this any better! Ive always believed in Quality not quantity and this is a direct effect of that. There so many so called “PR” reps and their fly by night companies and how they are able to wake up one day and do everything….Especially here in Atlanta with all these half ass record labels (imprints) and cant do publicists!! SMH Note to all “PR” reps: Without Media you wouldn’t have a job!! thats why they call it PUBLIC relations!!!!

  3. Sara

    Wow. This is so true. Lol do you invite people to your party but you aren’t concerned with weather or not they enjoy themselves. If anything people need to experience what they put out. Thank you kore for keeping it real

  4. Jason

    I wonder who your talking about? Lol Atlanta is infamous for black Hollywood being too Hollywood and no one cares. If you are taking on the task of promoting the event you should educate your self on the event so you don’t look like a fool. I know real pr people and they take care of business. Event pr. Artist pr. Corp pr are all different. Your ability to plan an event does not warrant you doing pr for an artist. there are many aspects that people do not consider. If you as a “pr” rep do not know how to represent yourself, why are you representing someone else? Keep it up Kore, we need more post where people are being real and not kissing ass just because they are media.

    Hi Sam saw your post on twit bird 😉

  5. Dee Dee Cocheta

    Thank you! Thank you for recognizing the great PR PROS in Atlanta…we also have a quarterly PR PROS Brunch were we invite others out to network and join efforts together because in business we all are support one another…especially in the entertainment business – it’s too small. Believe me, I had an intern when I first started, great learner, awesome help…7 years later she works for Obama. SO be careful of what you do, say & how you represent yourself because that is the factor of longevity. I have reached out to new and upcoming Publicists to network and willing to share info. Some have turned their noses while others respected that.
    Those ‘bad’ Publicists make our jobs even harder because they don’t respect the craft and put a bad taste in peoples mouth about PR that someone like myself has to constantly uplift and raise the standards while having to teach clients what PR really is.
    SHERI of GLUE Inc. was a mentor to me & I got to work hand in hand with her when I first started my own company 10 years ago, her business ethics are still and will always be on point. Saptosa started out as a freelance journalist and gave me my first placement in XXL and joining with Shante to make 135th st definitely PROS! Just recently met Lila of ELLE B by way of a client and can tell she has learned all about PR inside and out! Thanks LILA for sharing this link! And thank you KORE for giving the insight as PR PROS who feel ya!

  6. Karma Oviquio

    This is so timely. Many times, people forget who actually make an event PUBLIC. The concept of Public Relations has been over shadowed by too many people wearing too many hats!

    My company never has to deal with the issues that most PR people have to deal with and at the same time, we realize the worth of Great PR and we want you to know that we appreciate PR professionals!

    One last note: The way you treat good PR firms is the way that the Public believes you’ll treat them.

  7. Ms. Jones

    Nice Article.. although when I read the ” Successful Interviews versus Never happened” I was like ” Who is Davis Banner” I am sure you meant David 😉 It’s a tough job out there for the PR companies but I agree the professionalism of it all counts at the end to build that great relationship!

  8. Sheri Riley

    First, thank you for acknowledging the respect we have for you and other media professionals. I appreciate you highlighting the hard work myself, Monica Coleman, and the rest of the GLUE Team exemplifies, Daily. GLUE is committed to “excellence in execution” and “attention to detail” and we are dedicated to respecting PEOPLE regardless of their title, occupation, influence, job, crowd appeal, or achievement. Thank you for your continued support of GLUE, our clients, and my Team!!!!


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