Photos by: Vaughn Dabney

(Sigh) We didn’t stay to watch the premiere of Kenya Moore’s new film, The Confidant. The movie featured Kore Magazines previous cover David Banner (our only purpose in attending) along with Boris Kodjoe, Bai Ling and whoever else. We weren’t exactly thrilled to attend the movie screening, considering however, page 41 of Kore Magazine, the event suited the job. Any Kenya Moore film affiliation was questioned back in 2000 with the release of Trois. Need it be mentioned that we’ve developed an ability to foresee disorder. However in a posh attempt to support the invitation we scheduled to attend the event. Upon arrival, as expected, CHAOS! The complete disorder was ,like I stated, expected. Getting no assistance from the individual that invited Kore Magazine, was not expected. You’ll have to wait for the DVD release of The Confidant to pity us.


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  1. your momma

    movie sucked get some real damn actors and host and event the right way


    The movie was GREAT. I loved seeing beautiful black ppl on the screen. Bravo to Kenya Moore and all the wonderful actors who did the damn thing.


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