Video Crashers! We snuck in to the Drake’s “Miss Me” Video shoot in Atlanta today. No camera’s were aloud on the closed set, so feel blessed we made it happen. The red lights were bouncing off the white walls as Drake did his thing solo, without Lil Wayne? But no worries for Drake, his buddies were on the scene as well, Gutta Gutta & Mac Maine of Young Money. It’s a typical Drake Video. We don’t have too much else to say, due to strick secruity and the fact that no one except workers were there. Z, We got ’em! Team work .. ha ha

(We’ve had a lot of calls from people trying to get access, so remember you saw and heard it first here at

Drake’s Album “Thank Me Later” in stores now. Video Coming Soon.

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  1. MJCrush

    He looks sexy in the second picture. I luv it! I can’t wait! I wonder when it’s gonna be Corey’s time….

  2. dizzle

    how are they really bout to spell gudda’s name wrong in the description?…wtf is gutta gutta..its GUDDA GUDDA..DNT GET IT TWISTED

  3. Matt

    weezy was der they shoot the video before he went down. FREE WEEZY


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