DTP  hosted a Showcase at Atlanta’s Park Tarven, along with “Conjure” and “Crush” soda. Candle light tables and a smooth ambience created a entertaining night with performances by DTP’s group “Untitled”, Rudy Currence, a special side song from RL, and Keith Robinson. Special guest included Ne-Yo, Algebra, Chaka, Dj Trama with host Kenny Burns. So now that you know some of the stars lets talk about what they did. “Untitled” is the next best mens singing group to come out of the south. Rudy Currence, if you didn’t know, You Need Too. With soulful rhythms lit with burst of expression, you will surely feel his music. During a small break we also got a brief ode to Conjure by singer RL. Keith Robinson wrapped it up with a wonderful performance. Thanks 135th.


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